Facade of the Wäscherschloss

the Staufer family originWäscherschloss Castle

Wäscherschloss Castle (Burg Wäscherschloss), Hohenstaufen and Lorch Monastery (Kloster Lorch) are key historical locations for the Staufer – representing the birthplace of the dynasty, the official family seat, and its initial burial site.

Wäscherschloss Castle – the Staufer family origin

The excellently preserved castle was constructed between 1220 and 1250 and is situated at the heart of Staufer territory. Wäscherschloss was the outer fortification of Büren Castle, whose inhabitants later named themselves after Hohenstaufen hill. This is the birthplace of the Staufer dynasty. A formidable stone wall encloses the castle, protecting the well-fortified living quarters. The site has survived the centuries since the Middle Ages in outstanding condition and is a prime example of a Staufer residence.

Wäscherschloss Castle

Hexagonal and protected by high walls: Wäscherschloss Castle goes back to the origins of the Staufer family.